Skillbuilding Mastery (book w/access code, No e-delivery)


Skillbuilding Mastery textbook with Access Code enclosed in the back of the textbook (access code will NOT be emailed, it is in the textbook).

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Skillbuilding Mastery is an advanced keyboarding course designed to increase typing speed and accuracy to employable levels of 50+ WPM. Students should be able to type at least 32-35 WPM prior to using this course. Course time: approximately 50-60 hours.

Skillbuilding Mastery is a self-paced course and students are encouraged to meet the speed and accuracy goals in each exercise before continuing on to the next one. Students will have 15-second, 30-second, and 1-5 minute timings. All of the 1-5 minute timings are taken from the best Human Relations books. While taking timings students learn how to handle irate customers, read tips on being an effective speaker, learn how to get people to like you, learn how to handle mistakes, how to be successful, the need to be understanding and sensitive to other’s feelings and needs, etc. There are 517 timed exercises that are automatically scored, and those that meet the accuracy rate are recorded to the Progress Report. There are five proofreading exercises to teach proofreading skills. All the alphabetic, punctuation, numeric, and symbol keys are covered with timings.

Standard Package includes:

1) Skillbuilding Mastery textbook
2) **PHYSICAL Access Code

**Physical Access Codes can only be used by a student registered with an educational institution that has selected to use the online software (you must be under the direction of an instructor). The Access Code allows for a single use of the online software through a registered education institution. Access Code will be found in the back of the book.

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