Keyboard Short Course (book w/access code, No e-delivery)


Keyboard Short Course textbook w/access code enclosed in the back of the textbook (there is no e-delivery of the access code, it will arrive with your textbook).

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Keyboard Short Course will teach beginners how to type, and teach experienced typists to type faster and more accurately. Course time: approximately 25 hours. For beginners, the course is designed to teach keyboarding by touch (without looking at the keys or your fingers) in a short length of time to speeds of 30-35+ wpm.

The alphabetic and punctuation keys are covered; no numbers or symbols. There are 126 timed exercises, with the option to create six additional timed exercises of any duration. Lessons 1-11 are 15-second timings, and some 30-second timings. The purpose of short timings in the beginning is to get the fingers and mind working together at a rapid rate. Lessons 12-18 contain 1-minute and 2-minute timings. For experienced typists, take the 2-minute Course Entry timing. If you are already typing 50 wpm, increase the grading scale in the Setup to 60 wpm and have 60 wpm as your goal for each exercise in each lesson.

When you finish the course, take the Course Exit timing. Your Course Entry score, Course Exit score, and your improvement will show on the Grade Report. Some students have gone through the course two or three times, raising their goal each time, until they typed 80-90 wpm. There is much to be gained by going over the basics at a higher rate (goal) each time.

This course is appropriate for Middle School, Jr. High, High School, and Adult-College-University. Standard Package includes: 1) Keyboard Short Course textbook 2) **PHYSICAL Access Code **Physical Access Codes can only be used by a student registered with an educational institution that has selected to use the online software (you must be under the direction of an instructor). The Access Code allows for a single use of the online software through a registered education institution. Access Code will be found in the back of the book.

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