Keyboard Mastery (Book with access code, NO e-delivery)

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Keyboard Mastery will teach beginners how to type, and teach experienced typists to type faster and more accurately. For rusty or experienced typists, the best way to increase speed and accuracy is to go over the basics again at a higher rate of speed.

This course is designed to teach keyboarding by touch (without looking at the keys or your fingers) to speeds of 30-35+ wpm and accuracy of no more than 1 error per minute. The alphabetic and punctuation keys, keyboard numbers and symbols are covered.

Sections of the book

Lessons 1-11 cover all the letters on the keyboard, contain 15-second timings, 30-second, and 1-minute timings.

Lessons 12-24 reinforce all letters and include longer timings. These lessons include 15-second, 30-second, and 1-3 minute timings.

Lessons 25-33 cover numbers and symbols.

Optional Timings 1-10 additional timings ranging from 3-5 minutes that are short stories (e.g. "The discovery of Penicillin", "Who was Benedict Arnold?", etc).

Standard Package includes:

1) Keyboard Mastery textbook
2) **Online Access Code

**Online Access Codes can only be used by a student registered with an educational institution that has selected to use the online software (you must be under the direction of an instructor). The Access Code allows for a single use of the online software through a registered education institution. Access Code will be found in the back of the book.

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